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Talk and Q&A
4.11.2022 at 20:15 in Filmhouse Cologne introduction for the opening of the Palestine Film Days Cologne and Q&As after the screenings.

(photo: Parand Laghai)

Film Talk
20.10.2022 at 11.00 at moviemento Berlin in he framework of he school cinema week Berlin
Talk with pupils from 10th grade about Oualid Mouaness feature fiction 1982 Nineteen Eighty Two (Lebanon 2019).

The update of Yelo Guide - Funding Guide for Arab Filmmakers and Producer is online at daleel.film, compiled by Irit Neidhardt on behalf of Beirut DC.

Palestine Fights: Behind the Scenes of PLO-GDR Cooperation in Filmmaking. In: Shafik, Viola (ed., 2022): Documentary Filmmaking in the Middle East and North Africa, The American University in Cairo Press, pp. 63-78.

End of September/early October Irit Neidhardt was, together woth Emily Jacir and Hajooj Kuka in the Documentary Jury of the 16th Twin Cities Arab Film Festival (TCAFF) in the USA.

(photo: Birgit Schweitzer)

September 16, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. in the Haus am Dom in Frankfurt/Main as part of the Film Days Global Perspectives
In focus: 50 years of documentaries about the Global South
To mark the anniversary of the Film Days Global Perspectives (till 2017 a television workshop on development policy), the history of the event and 50 years of film work on development policy will be looked back on. Afterwards, our guest of honor Peter Heller, documentary filmmaker since 1973, discusses the difficult production conditions and the changing distribution channels for documentaries about the Global South with media representatives. The financing of feature documentaries is usually insufficient. Can new remuneration rules provide sufficient help?
Introduction: Bettina Kocher, former managing director of the AG television workshop development policy
Panelists: Martin Pieper (ZDF/Arte), Anna Schoeppe (HessenFilm), Peter Heller (director), Moderation: Irit Neidhardt, author and curator

The Mystery of Tycoon Michel Baida in Old Arab Berlin. In: The Markaz Review on 15.9.2022 English | French | Spanish

Talk and Q&A
14.9.2022 at 20.00 in City 46 in Bremen (Germany)
Introduction to the film series Strong Women - Films from Palestine, followed by a Q&A after the screening of  Annemarie Jacir's feature fiction WAJIB. program flyer

Two times Rashidiya and onwards. Filmmaking in Solidarity with the Palestinian Revolution. In: Fürst, Christian and Marcus Seibert (eds., 2022):  Achtung, Achtung, hier spricht das Filmbüro! 42 Jahre unabhängiger Film, StrzeleckiBooks, pp. 199-203 (German)

4.6.2022 10.00-17.00 at intercultural centre Ulme (Berlin), on behalf the Ibn Rushd Fund
The Holy Land - a Real Place? Pictures of Palestine
- For teachers in school and extracurricular educational institutions -
Using photographic images that were mainly made before the Nakba, the expulsion and flight of the Palestinians in 1948, the workshop deals with the question of the origin of orientalist images of Palestine. Who portrayed Palestine at what time and for what purpose? It is about Christian-religious photography, British-colonial and Zionist images, as well as Palestinian everyday and press photography. more (in German)

2nd June 2022 at 7.30 at Meno Avilys/Lithuania (online)
Pioneers, Divas, Visionaries – The Women of Arab cinema
Since the first film with an entirely Arab and African cast and crew, Zohra  - written, edited and performed by Haydée Samama Chikly Tamzali -, was released exactly 100 years ago in Tunis, women have been playing a crucial role in Arab filmmaking. They have been among the very first producers, introduced the star system, went with their cameras to the frontlines of the too many wars, founded cinemas, design sound, give voice to various parts to their societies, recount history and envision future. This talk gives an overview on Arab film history following its female workers.

(photo: Jae-Pyung Park)

Film Talk
11.5.2022 at 20.00h in Heilandkirche Berlin, Mobile Cinema Moabit
Victory Day (D 2018, 94 min)
Every year, on the 9th of May, people gather in Treptower Park in Berlin. They come dressed in their best outfits or in Soviet military uniform. They carry flags, banners and posters. They lay flowers at the monument to the Soviet soldier; they sing, dance and drink. They celebrate the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany. The film is a direct reportage from Treptower Park 72 years after the victory.
As guest: director Sergei Loznitsa in conversation with Irit Neidhardt

(photo: Eythar M Gubara)


Film Talk
24.4.2022 at 12.00h in Arsenal Berlin
in the framework of the ALFILM Spotlight Lebanon – From Civil War to Chaos: A Tribute to Filmic Resistance
Georg (Bruno Ganz) is a journalist who travels to Lebanon to cover the civil war and to flee an unhappy marriage. Once in Beirut, together with photographer Hoffmann (Jerzy Skolimowski), he becomes more and more aware of the complexity of the situation there. He starts to question his methods and his job: even though he knows the value of war pictures, he starts doubting the ethical correctness of his approach. When he meets the young German Arianna (Hanna Schygulla) who lives in Lebanon, not only does his perspective on Lebanon changes, but also his view on his private life. Shot during the Lebanese civil war, “Circle of Deceit” impressively portrays the violence perpetrated by the militias as a part of everyday life.
followed by a Q&A with director Volker Schlöndorff, moderated by Irit Neidhardt

(photos: Reem Alfahad)

In April 2022 Irit Neidhardt conducted a workshop on the question of how - and if - the financing sources influence the content of films at the ALFILM - Arab Film Festival Berlin ATELIER.
In his workshop we take a look at the relation between financing and the content and form of a film. In plenary sessions and group-work we will look at the financial biographies of your previous films and ask what kinds of films you intended to do and how much the results reflect your original ideas. What worked well with regard to the money the production could provide, what were pitfalls and what was the support that in retrospect had decisive value for making your film? How can you support each other?

In March 2022, Irit Neidhardt (mec film) along with Alaa Karkouti (MAD Solutions), Omar El Kadi (Metropolis Cinema/MC Distribution and Jessica Khoury (Film Clinic) panellist at the Industry Roundtable – Face to Face with Distributors in Qumra, the annual industry incubator of the Doha Film Institute in Qatar (online).

At the international workshop Towards a Global History of Solidarity Movements with Palestinians, 1950s-1980s on March 3 and 4, 2022 at the Free University Berlin, in cooperation with Roskilde University (DK) Irit Neidhardt presented the paper "To give the Palestinian their own Images" on West German solidarity films with the PLO.

(screenshot aflamuna.online)

Curatorial Work
In February 2022 the programm Loneliness / Unity curated by Irit Neidhardt with seven films from the years 1974 to 2017 ran online at Aflamouna. The films changed on a weekly basis.